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This business opportunity is for students and entrepreneurs who want to Earn thousands in revenue and want to take their life to next level.

For beginners and entrepreneurs who want to:

  • Start their Esports Business.
  • Increase their earning from 0-7 Figures and beyond with Esports Tournaments
  • Generate predictable and sustainable ROI every month
  • And build a 7-figure business that runs with or without them

You only need 1% of 10 Million players to earn thousands/month

A well-crafted tournament app loaded with 6 revenue models to maximize your revenue and reduce your workload. A single app to manage everything.

Start earning up to 30% per tournament and scale your business from 0 to thousands of users.

Ready to go




Android App

I will provide you complete ready to go app with your name and logo. App is built purely using code and not third party builder is being used to do so.



Web App

Custom Built Angular based Web App which will display all the upcoming matches of your app. Users will be able to download app from the download link




Our business relation will start as soon as you purchase the app. I will be providing you bug fixes for FREE.




I have recorded HD tutorials to show how the backend and frontend actually works.

Feature Packed

Esports Application

Host Latest Games Tournaments

Esports Tournament App

You can easily add/remove games at your own win dynamically without releasing new updates for each changes. A true Esports Tournament hosting app in all sense.

Get a Free Website

Sharing your app will become very easy with your own website. People will be able to download your app from your website.
We are giving it free with our multiple games app 🙂

Automated Push Notification

Event triggered notifications on major events. App will keep users informed 🙂
Awesome isn't it. Ofcourse you are also allowed to send custom ones 🙂

4 In-App Wallets to manage money

We have wallets for everything.
1 - Recharge = Regular Add money amount will go to recharge wallet.
2 - Winning = Any match winning will go to Winning wallet for re-use or withdrawal
3 - Bonus = Signup and Refer bonus will go to bonus wallet and user can only use 20% of the entry fee from this wallet
4 - Reward = You can give Reward coins on each match and user can redeem it from the store.

You will love it when you use it.

Dedicated Announcements

Match Announcements

Each match has a dedicated announcement page where host can share images, text, links with the users to share any announcements, notice, information. Very useful in day to day operations 🙂

Hours of Tutorials

Hours of App Tutorials

We know onboarding is not easy for all. That is why we have made tons of tutorials to explain how things actually works. App and Firebase Tutorials will be provided on the time of delivery.

Slot Allotments will make your life Easssyyyyyyyyyyy!

If you ever have hosted any match, you might know the pain of slot allotment. Luckily we got you covered. Our app automatically allot slot to all the teams and participants 🙂

Single App for all...... Wait whatt? 😮

Our Single app will fulfill all the requirements for all whether it is an admin,verified host or regular users. No need for a dedicated app or website for admin panel.

Promotional Banners and Announcements to maximize your revenue

Announcement and Banners

Use in-app banners, announcements and stories to multiple your revenue

User roles & some of their


Manage Games

Host a Match

Manage Hosted Matches

Add/Remove Admins and verified Hosts

Check & process withdrawal requests

Recharge users wallet

Visit Users Profile

Check user's transactions & wallet balance

Add/Remove App Banners

Add/Remove App Announcements

Add/Remove App Stories

Set Signup Bonus

Manage Refer & Earn Settings

Send Match Announcements

Set Match Login

Reschedule Match

Activate/Deactivate/Delete any match

Call/Email any match Participant

Refund any team or particpant

View participant List with alloted slot numbers

Manage Redeem Store Items

Check Store Orders

Reject/Process Withdrawal Request

Announce Match Result with Kills and Winning amount

Check App Leaderboard

Email All match participants

View Upcoming Matches

Participate in matches

View Matches of a particular games

Check Profile and wallet

Refer their friends and earn

Interact with announcements, banners, stories

See match participant list

Register whole team

Load & Withdraw money

Check app Leaderboard (top 25 users)

Contact app team for any issue

But is our App really


Match hosting is easier than ever!

User Authentication & Security is handled by Google

The app is build on the same platform as the Dream11 and faster than most of the competitors.

One of the most affordable yet professional Esports Tournament app for starters

6 Revenue Sources makes the app profitable in all scenarios

Paytm is used as Payment Gateway and performs out of the box. Supports all the payment methods ( UPI, Paytm, Debit,Credit,Net banking etc)

The app is designed to handle millions of users. No downtime what so ever*

You need a Smartphone to manage whole esports business.

App allows you to block, disable any user's account instantly

Order Today & Get a Free Web App

Single Game App (2499/-)
Order for just 499/- Pay Rest 2000/- on Delivery

Single Game App
Unlimited Match Creation
3 Wallets
Add Unlimited Admins/Verified Host
Add Banners/Stories/Announcements
In-App Wallet System
Set Signup Bonus
Advanced Refer and Earn System
Leaderboard – Top 25 Players
Dedicated Result Room for sharing match result
Bug Support
Paid Future Updates
Paytm Payment Gateway

Multiple Games Tournament App (INR 4499/-)
Order for just 499/- Pay Rest 4000/- on Delivery

Host Multiple Games (Pubg, FreeFire, Call of Duty,Ludo, Clash of Royale etc)
Separate Reward Coin System
Redeem Reward Coins Section
Host 5v5 Matches
Unlimited Match Creation
Add Unlimited Admins/Verified Host
Add Banners/Stories/Announcements
In-App Wallet System
Set Signup Bonus
Advanced Refer and Earn System
Leaderboard – Top 25 Players
Dedicated Result Room for sharing match result
Priority Bug Support
Future Updates
Free Website
Unique Download Link
Share unique match links for more engagements
Future Proof App
Paytm Payment Gateway

App Screenshots

We love when you love us back

Happy Customer

Want to try Our Demo App?
We have a dedicated demo app to play with and understand how it works. Please click the link to get the download link.

Got Some Questions?

Ofcourse you do. We have compiled a list of most commonly asked question. Feel free to check them

Frequently Asked Question

Multiple games can have upto 8 games. You can pick games you want or go with our game list.

We deliver the app in 1 working day after you submit all the required details.

It totally depends on the payment gateway you are using in your app. for example we are using paytm gateway in our app, usually paytm send app payments to your bank accounts in 24 hours.

There are few details we will need to make your app.

  • App Name
  • App Logo (png/JPG)
  • Social Links (FB, Insta, Youtube)
  • Google Account (Login with password for backend work and cloud functions)
  • Paytm Production API Key (how to get keys)

We use PayTM as our primary payment gateway but we also support RazorPay.

*Additional charges will be applied to integrate Razorpay

We are committed to provide value. We will be providing free bug fixes as long as we are maintaining the code.

Yes. You will only pay the app price once.


*Custom Development may apply depending on requirements.

Apart from Firebase Billing, no other maintenance charges will be applied.

No, We do not sell source code. In case you want to buy the whole project, please drop an mail to [email protected]

As we use Firebase as Backend for the app. Firebase is a google product and we will need a google account to create firebase project and upload cloud functions.

Note: The account you will give will be the app owner and backend admin. You can change password once app is delivered.

We never store any credential on our system.

We only provide Android App and a static website (with 4499 app) at this moment.

however we create iOS app on demand. for more information, feel free to drop email at [email protected]

Our App is only for tournament business handling. It does not provide actual functionality to host the match. You will need host game/match on the game app itself and share the info in the tournament app. In case of PUBG, you will need Room Cards to create rooms. This thing also applied to other games as well.

Yes, to provide better app support we usually need firebase project access. However it is not compulsary. you can remove us or ask to revoke the access.

We will honor your decision.

Absolutely. Click on the link below in red section to get demo app.

App is designed to handle huge userbase. We have personally tested the app on 50k userset.

We had scalability and speed in mind that is why we are using google platform to power the app. It will never go down no matter what.


* Project should be upgraded to flame/blaze plan for desired results.

Our Service is limited to app development and app support. We do not provide any kind of promotional service.

Unlike website, you cannot modify or change content of the app. Few things are hardcoded.

but luckily we provide app rebundling service costs 250 in which we will do the changes mentioned below:

  • App Name Change
  • Logo Change
  • Social Link Update
  • Add/Remove Game
  • Paytm Production API key Update

Surely we can. However it is not covered in the app base price. Additional development charges will be applied.

To make the app affordable. we are using firebase hosting for website and a subdomain which is free.

In case you want a proper website, charges will be 6000 excluding hosting and domain.

*In case you purchase a premium domain, we will contact it with the website without any additional charges.

*Website is only for app download, website doesn’t have any app functionality.

App Code: Flutter with some Java, Kotlin, and Swift

Cloud Functions: NodeJS

Backend: Firebase

Website: Old = Angular, New = Basic HTML/CSS