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2020 is OVER!. Let's Do Serious business in 2021

30+ Games Supported
Easy to Use Panel
Lifetime Ownership
Manage Team
6 Revenue Model
Based on Cloud Servers
Automated Push Notification
Create/Manage Banners
Create/Manage Stories/Announcements
Private announcement page for each match
Easy Money Distribution
Create/Delete/Edit/Reschedule Match

Let's Talk

Female friends chatting online and smiling

Let’s have a healthy conversation discuss what is the business model and how it works.

Hello, I am interested in Esports Tournament App

Hey there! What's up

I hope you are doing great

I am good, thank you

I wanted to know more about the business like how it works?

Sure, Esports is one of the growing industry right now.

to understand how this business works lets assume we are hosting a pubg tournament where 100 players can participate.

Each player will pay an amount as entry fee lets say 10 rs per player. Now you got INR 1000 for the match as total collected money.

You will host the match and distribute the money among the winners and good performers and at the end you will have some amount left. on an average host keeps 20-30% of the collected amount.

In other words, you will earn INR 200-300 per match

On an average people are hosting approx 4-6 matches per day. Which means they are earning 2500+ per day.

Wow! This is so cool

I believe I can do this too.

Yes! Anybody who can give 1-2 hr daily can easily earn good revenue.

How much for the app?

We have two variants Single Game and Multiple Games

Single Game App costs 2499 and Multiple Games app costs 4499

I see! That is affordable. But what is the difference between them?

Single game app is designed for only one game. Like FreeFire or PUBG or Ludo etc.

On the other hand, Multiple games app is a true E-Sports app where you can have as many games as you want. Basically it is more future proof. Like we all know more games will come in future and you will be able to add it without releasing any update.

Awesome! 🤩 means I will be able to add more games in future depending on my user's interest. That's so flexible

I have seen some people doing this business without using an App like using instagram page and whatsapp group. So does using the app makes any difference?

That is a very important question and I would like to take some time to explain why our app makes the difference.

When you operate this business manually, you will have to market your each match to all users individually. Then you will have to collect the entry fee from them and then you will have to note down their in game usernames. When time comes, you will inform all the participants with the match login and then you will distribute money.

When you do this much of work manually, you will not be able to host more than 2 games.

This is still doable but what about seeing old stat? and what about maximizing the revenue?

In other words this business model cannot be scaled to millions of users when you are doing all the stuff manually.

But this is not the main problem with this business.

It is very hard to retarget the existing audience without a proper platform. To understand this do you know why big brands like FlipKart, Amazon , Myntra wants you to keep their app downloaded?

🤔 I guess app can get more sales as compared to website

Right! 70% of the business comes from returning customers. This is why app is important to run a successful business.

Our app simplifies whole tournament hosting process and make it as automated as possible. It will take money from users and transfer it to your bank account automatically.

App is designed to maximize revenue and reduce fraud. There are multiple revenue models which can be used to earn more money.

Ohh now i get it 🤔

Ok! I am interested and thank you for educating me about the business. I have few more questions

Sure shoot

Let's say I buy the app and I get 50,000 users in 3 months. Can the app handle such userbase?

Yes, Ofcourse. App is designed to handle millions of users. We already have clients who are handling more than 1 lakhs users daily.

What about the bugs, I know bugs are unavoidable. Will you provide support?

Yes! We are committed to provide best app experience to our clients. if you face any issue we will provide free bug fixes as soon as possible.

Awesome! One last question. Will I own the app?

Yes! App delivered to you will be yours completely. It will have your name and logo. There is no expiry, you will own the app for lifetime.. No one else will have access to admin panel except you.

You are the best! one last doubt :p is it monthly or one time investment?

Hahaha.. no worries. The purchase is an one time payment.

That's all I wanted to know. Thank you so much for answering all of my doubts. from where can I purchase the app?

I am glad to be helpful.

We are happy to give you additional 1000 OFF on both of our variants.

Single game app will cost you 1499 and multiple games app will cost you 3499.

We are giving a professional landing page worth 3000INR for FREE with Multiple games app.

But it is only for limited time. Click the link below to order the app

Grab Full Access to Deal Today…
No Monthly Fees – One Time Investment

ONLY 1499/-

List of Never Ending Games

2020 was all about E-Sports and it is just the beginning. There are hundreds of games which can be added to the app. Some of the popular titles are listed below

8ballpool esports app
freefire esports app
pubg esports app

and many more..

Who can do it?

This business opportunity is for students and entrepreneurs who want to Earn thousands in revenue and want to take their life to next level.

For beginners and entrepreneurs who want to:

  • Start their Esports Business.
  • Increase their earning from 0-7 Figures and beyond with Esports Tournaments
  • Generate predictable and sustainable ROI every month
  • And build a 7-figure business that runs with or without them

You only need 0.1% of 1000+ Million players to earn thousands/month

A well-crafted tournament app loaded with 6 revenue models to maximize your revenue and reduce your workload. A single app to manage everything.

Start earning up to 30% per tournament and scale your business from 0 to thousands of users.

Ready to go




Android App

I will provide you complete ready to go app with your name and logo. App is built purely using code and not third party builder is being used to do so.


Landing Page

Landing page with download link. Users will be able to download app from the download link




Our business relation will start as soon as you purchase the app. I will be providing you bug fixes for FREE.




I have recorded HD tutorials to show how the backend and frontend actually works.

Feature Packed

Esports Application

Host Latest Games Tournaments

Esports Tournament App

You can easily add/remove games at your own win dynamically without releasing new updates for each changes. A true Esports Tournament hosting app in all sense.

Get a Free Website

Sharing your app will become very easy with your own website. People will be able to download your app from your website.
We are giving it free with our multiple games app 🙂

Automated Push Notification

Event triggered notifications on major events. App will keep users informed 🙂
Awesome isn't it. Ofcourse you are also allowed to send custom ones 🙂

4 In-App Wallets to manage money

Our Intelligent Wallet System will make your life super easy. Our wallet system is designed to maximize your profit and lower the fraud risk.

Dedicated Announcements

Match Announcements

Each match has a dedicated announcement page where host can share images, text, links with the users to share any announcements, notice, information. Very useful in day to day operations 🙂

Hours of Tutorials

Hours of App Tutorials

We know onboarding is not easy for all. That is why we have made tons of tutorials to explain how things actually works. App and Firebase Tutorials will be provided on the time of delivery.

Slot Allotments will make your life Easssyyyyyyyyyyy!

If you ever have hosted any match, you might know the pain of slot allotment. Luckily we got you covered. Our app automatically allot slot to all the teams and participants 🙂

Single App for all...... Wait whatt? 😮

Our Single app will fulfill all the requirements for all whether it is an admin,verified host or regular users. No need for a dedicated app or website for admin panel.

Promotional Banners and Announcements to maximize your revenue

Announcement and Banners

Use in-app banners, announcements and stories to multiple your revenue

Grab Full Access to Deal Today…
No Monthly Fees – One Time Investment

ONLY 1499/-

Can I do it?

There are 1.36 billion mobile gamers worldwide and you only need few hundreds to start earning thousands.

People who trusted us are already benefiting from this business.

I believe E-Sports is an untapped market and there are very few people who are targeting mobile gamers.

If you can manage 500 people in your app, you can make your living out of it. I can say this with confidence. Now tell me is getting 500 people when there are 1000+ millions gamers out there difficult? You decide

Don't trust our words.....See it yourself and we promise you will say the same 🙂

Esports Business Testimonial

User roles & some of their


Admin Panel Features

  • Modern User user friendly design, Tested on most of devices.
  • Register
  • Manage Games
  • Host a Match
  • Manage Hosted Matches
  • Add/Remove Admins and verified Hosts
  • Check & process withdrawal requests
  • Recharge users wallet
  • Visit Users Profile
  • Check user’s transactions & wallet balance
  • Add/Remove App Banners
  • Add/Remove App Announcements
  • Add/Remove App Stories
  • Set Signup Bonus
  • Manage Refer & Earn Settings
  • Send Match Announcements
  • Set Match Login
  • Reschedule Match
  • Activate/Deactivate/Delete any match
  • Call/Email any match Participant
  • Refund any team or particpant
  • View participant List with alloted slot numbers
  • Manage Redeem Store Items
  • Check Store Orders
  • Reject/Process Withdrawal Request
  • Announce Match Result with Kills and Winning amount
  • Email All match participants
  • Very fast – speed optimized
  • Secure login
  • Manage Registered Users, update, view, wallets details
  • Manage different games(Add, Edit, Delete), it supports PUBG, FreeFire,
  • PUBG Lite, COD, Fortnite and more.
  • Manage game wise matches or tournaments (Add, Edit, Delete)
  • Create Solo, Duo, Squad Matches
  • Set match schedule
  • Create Free/Paid match
  • Set maximum number of player join match
  • Share room details (ID & Password) before start match
  • Team wise member position
  • Give Place Point, Bonus, Refund to player after a match has been completed
  • Money Orders
  • Withdrawal Request | Pending Or Complete
  • Registered Referral & Joined Referral
  • Fixed pages – Home page, terms & conditions, How to install, contacts
  • Manage App Screenshots, How To Install
  • Upload new apk with description
  • Active/Inactive payment method – Test mode/live mode – Paytm/Razorpay
  • Manage App Tutorial Link(Add, Edit, Delete)
  • Admin can join match for user. (join, edit, delete)
  • My matches page
  • Announcement

User App Features

  • Login
  • Multi games supports
  • List games
  • Refer & Earn system
  • Upcoming match/tournament
  • All matches/tournaments are showing clearly.
  • Ongoing match/tournament
  • User can join full squad or duo.
  • Result of completed match/tournament
  • All matches/tournaments’ results are showing clearly to all users.
  • More Detail of match such as rules, prices, participants, match/tournament description etc.)
  • Account settings
  • User profile
  • User wallet
  • User stats
  • User referral
  • Top player
  • Leaderboard
  • App tutorials
  • About us
  • Customer supports
  • Share app
  • Terms & conditions
  • Logout
  • Sign-in/Sign-up screen
  • Users Profile
  • Player’s wallet screen (add money, withdraw money, All transactions details)
  • Push Notifications
  • Spectate match – Player can watch live matches via YouTube
  • Terms And Conditions
  • Secure payment method, PayTm Razorpay
  • Performance optimized
  • Registration OTP, update mobile no. OTP by using firebase.
  • Login with google.
  • Announcement
    And More…

Why we are better than our competitors?

This is one of the important question we want to answer before you choose us, because we trust our product and the quality we are delivering.

1 – We are affordable

We are offering Esports tournament platform built with robust technologies and industry standard practices at a fraction of cost of our competitors. Where companies are charging more than 1,00,000 for basic app, we are delivering a complete ready to do business for less than a couple of thousands.

Our App is built with latest technologies

We studied top mobile apps in the international market before even writing our first code. We’ve used the latest tech stack and fast servers to provide optimum end user experience.

We are proud to say that big brands like Dream11 and Hotstar are using same platform and technologies like we do.

Tested with hundreds of thousands of users

Unlike any competitor, we have tested our app with more than 4 Lakh worldwide users so far and  it performed really great.

But is our App really


Match hosting is easier than ever!

User Authentication & Security is handled by Google

The app is build on the same platform as the Dream11 and faster than most of the competitors.

One of the most affordable yet professional Esports Tournament app for starters

6 Revenue Sources makes the app profitable in all scenarios

Paytm is used as Payment Gateway and performs out of the box. Supports all the payment methods ( UPI, Paytm, Debit,Credit,Net banking etc)

The app is designed to handle millions of users. No downtime what so ever*

You need a Smartphone to manage whole esports business.

App allows you to block, disable any user's account instantly

We love when you love us back

Happy Customer

Grab Full Access to Deal Today…
No Monthly Fees – One Time Investment

ONLY 1499/-